About Us

About Us

We Are In A Mission To
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Women Rising for Africa is a non profit organisation with the focus on Women empowerment, safe mobility, safety, creating new job opportunities and a new set of skills to improve their quality of life and economic independence

Our Story

Lets ride together

Women Rising for Africa is a non-profit organization based in Uganda, founded by Liliane Felix. Its aim is to empower women by increasing job opportunities, improving access to mobility and providing economic independence. The organization believes that women’s involvement in various economic, political, social and environmental sectors is crucial for sustainable human development. Its programs focus on providing women with economic independence and teaching them to believe in their capabilities, leading to gender equality and personal growth. The beneficiaries of Mujeres Rising for Africa are women over 21 with limited resources and lack of access to safe mobility and basic skills to improve their quality of life.




Gender Equality

Our Volunteers

Meet the team

We are dedicated to our project and adding some new members to our community everyday.

Liliane Felix

Founder Executive Director

Tracy Nabunje

Project Manager

Diana Carreazo

Digital & Marketing Leader

Betty Kasabitti

Program coordinator

Gemma Rubiol

National Expansion Team


Program Ambassador & Coach

Olga simon

Event coordinator

Hannah West

International Expansion Team

Eva Rosell