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About Us

About Us


To provide African women with access to skills and knowledge that will create employment opportunities in the transport sector, mainly as taxi drivers and couriers, and to facilitate access to credit for the purchase of the motorcycle.


To empower and economically empower women in Africa through new employment opportunities in the transport sector and access to safe and sustainable mobility.


Our Story

Lets ride together

In 2018, Liliane Felix embarked on a journey that would change not only her life but the lives of countless women across Uganda. As a photographer, her first trip to Uganda opened her eyes to the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes of the country. But amidst the beauty, she also witnessed the challenges faced by women, particularly in terms of safe mobility and independence.

It was during this journey that Liliane, a passionate rider, recognized the transformative potential of motorcycles, locally known as “bodabodas,” in empowering women. With a spirit of determination and compassion, she made a bold decision to take action.

Four years later, after extensive research and unwavering dedication, Liliane founded Women Rising for Africa. At the heart of this organization was the groundbreaking program WOW (Women on Wheels), aimed at providing women with access to motorcycles and the training needed.

Through WOW, women across Uganda gained not only mobility but also newfound independence and empowerment. They could now navigate their communities with ease, access education and employment opportunities, and participate more fully in social and economic life.



Our Commitment to Transparency

At WOMEN  RISING FOR AFRICA, we believe in the importance of transparency in all our operations. This section is dedicated to providing clear and detailed information on how we use our resources, how our programs operate, and how we impact the communities we serve. Here, you’ll find financial reports, data on the performance of our programs, testimonials from beneficiaries, and any other relevant information for our donors, partners, and the community at large to fully understand our work and its outcomes. We believe transparency is key to building trust and engagement with our mission of empowering women and promoting gender equality everywhere.


Meet the team

We are dedicated to our project and adding some new members to our community everyday.

Liliane Felix
Founder Executive Director
Tracy Nabunje
Project Manager
Pamela Reynell
International Expansion Team
Annamaria Monaco
Treasury -Co Founder
Betty Kasabitti
Program coordinator
Program Ambassador & Coach
Gemma Rubiol
National Expansion Team
Montse2 copia
Montse Rubiol
National Expansion Team
Hannah West
International Expansion Team