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We organize events to raise funds and promote our project in Africa. Each event is an opportunity to spread our mission and make a difference in our local communities.

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Explore our latest press releases and news articles to stay updated on our impactful initiatives and projects in Africa. Discover how we’re making a difference in local communities and find inspiration in our journey towards positive change.

Breaking Barriers: How the ‘Women on Wheels’ Program Fuels Financial Independence and Gender Inclusion in Uganda

Breaking Barriers: How the ‘Women on Wheels’ Program Fuels Financial Independence and Gender Inclusion in Uganda

Discover the transformative journey of the ‘Women on Wheels’ program in Uganda, a pioneering initiative led by Liliana Phix that empowers women through mobility and transport. This program not only equips women with the skills to navigate the boda boda industry but also challenges societal norms, offering a pathway to financial independence and gender equality. Dive into the inspiring stories of resilience and empowerment as these women ride towards a brighter future.

Women thriving in boda boda business

Women thriving in boda boda business

The boda boda riding business has been hugely dominated by men. But with the evolving working environment and harsh economic times, women have to hustle their way out of poverty. Abakyara Bazira stage empowers women cyclists.

Forging Paths: Women Breaking Barriers in the Bodaboda Business in Kampala

Tom R Courtright in Lubyanza details how women in Kampala, Uganda, are venturing into the traditionally male-dominated business of motorcycle taxis (bodas).

Annet Matama: An Icon of Female Empowerment in Uganda

Discover how Annet Matama, a bodaboda driver in Uganda, transformed her life with the support of Women Rising for Africa, as recounted in the “Daily Monitor”.

The Emancipation of Women through Mobility in Uganda

We explore the transformative power of mobility in the lives of Ugandan women, drawing inspiration from Telva Somoza Vázquez’s article in NeoMotor.

SAFEBOADA and TBS Drive Empowerment in ‘Women on Wheels’

Discover the thrilling event by SAFEBOADA and TBS in Uganda, where motorcycles were handed over to participants of the ‘Women on Wheels’ program, marking a step forward in their empowerment.

Women on Wheels’: A Pilot Program Making a Difference in Kampala

Discover how the first pilot program of ‘Women on Wheels’ in Kampala is making a significant difference in the lives of 15 women, thanks to community support.
Image Alt Text: Launch of the ‘Women on Wheels’ pilot program in Kampala