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Our Programs

Our Program

Women on Wheels

This program intends to empower women of Uganda achieving the following objectives:

The plan is to support the female community with a comprehensive package of diversified activities, such as driving classes, including knowledge of traffic law, first aid technical, self-defense classes and basic business skills.

If the number of female commercial motorcycle drivers increases, it will create safer mobility within the community, creating more independence and more jobs and other opportunities.In addition, to support and implement this programme, the organisation helps women to access a micro-credit for the purchase of the motorcycle.

Our Program

Break down the barriers

The boda boda (taxi-moto) industry is largely a male-dominated field, and our society has not inspired or promoted female riders; cultural beliefs have a strong impact on how women see themselves, as society dictates everything from how women should sit on the bike (which is already an unsafe recommendation) to various activities in the boda boda industry. This has made it difficult for women to feel comfortable taking up boda boda riding as a business. We are helping to:

Eliminate cultural bias by changing personal, family and community mentality.
Promote women’s economic independence.


Since we have been established, we have implemented 7 programs, witch 3 of the programs were with Electric bikes (bodas and scooters) in Kampala together with Zembo and Greenhub.

We have trained over 80 women in 18 months, registered 3 women boda boda riders associations and set up 4 women only stages. Most women are working as taxi and delivery riders.

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Our trainings

Safety & Security

Women are victims of various forms of violence on a daily basis. For this reason, many women are interested in learning how to protect themselves from violent situations, but may not know how. Martial arts can enable women to develop the mental and physical skills to defend themselves against physical abuse or attack. Woody is our local qualified instructor who has been teaching women in needy communities for a decade. His support of the community means a lot to us and he will be training our women in Kampala and Jinja.

We are not only creating awareness, but we have also designed a programme for the women in the community that will provide them with not only self-defence training, but also GBV, because women empowering women is the essence of who we are. This programme provides emotional and moral support within the community with coaching, counselling and motivational talks to complement the rest of our training.

Our trainings

First Aid Training

The candidates attending our WOW program also have a full training of First Aid, with certified certification.We are not just creating awareness but designed a program for the women within the community providing added useful skills that they can use on their daily lives.

Our trainings

Economic Empowerment

Investing in the economic empowerment of women and girls includes their ability to participate equally in existing markets, their access to and control over productive resources, their access to decent work, their control over their own time, lives and bodies, and their increased voice in meaningful economic decision-making. Empowering women creates more resilient communities, because when women are empowered, family health improves, incomes rise and more children go to school.

Our economic empowerment programme aims to increase the income, business skills and literacy of women and girls. Supporting women to develop their businesses, manage credit, save money and manage revolving loans is key to their well-being and growth.

SafeBoda Gender Agenda

Women Rising for Africa together with SafeBoda

We have partnered with SafeBoda on their Gender Agenda programme to improve safety and access to a regulated taxi service (bodaboda) and delivery services for our programme beneficiaries.

SafeBoda is a company that is using modern technology (APP) to provide safer rides to motorbike taxi (boda-boda) passengers, increase profitability and regulation for drivers,