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Our Programs

Our Program

Women on Wheels

This program intends to empower women of Uganda achieving the following objectives:

The plan is to support the female community with a comprehensive package of diversified activities, such as driving classes, including knowledge of traffic law, first aid technical, self-defense classes and basic business skills.

If the number of female commercial motorcycle drivers increases, it will create safer mobility within the community, creating more independence and more jobs and other opportunities. In addition, to support and implement this program, the organisation is creating a nursery for the children of the women who attend these training activities.

Our Programs

Break down the barriers

Women Rising for Africa’s programs aim to break down the various barriers faced by women in Uganda, offering the opportunity to have alternatives to develop themselves.The first barrier we want to break is the access to an autonomous mobility and safety using the motorcycle operator services, turning it into a new skill and source of income. Our ratio is based on the fact that a woman who can move safely can have more opportunities to find work and be independent. without means of transportation there would be no economic or personal development.


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Become a Volunteer

If you are thinking, how can I help? Professionals in different fields such as marketing, fundraising, events coordination, education & business classes, depending on our programs.

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The commitment of regular contributions guarantees a stable help enabling us to continue our programs for women empowering, safety, sustainability and economic growth.

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A small amount can make an enormous difference! Whether you are able to make a one-time contribution to Mujeres rising for Africa work or if you wish to set up a regular donation.

Our trainings

Safety & Security

Women are victims of different forms of violence on a daily basis. For this reason, many women are interested in learning how to protect themselves against violent situations, but may not know how. Martial arts can enable women to develop the mental and physical skills to defend themselves against physical abuse or attacks. Woody is our local qualified trainer, that has been teaching women for a decade in needed communities. His support to the community means a lot for us, and he will be training our women in Kampala and Jinja. 

We are not just creating awareness but designed a program for the women within the community providing them with self defense classes, first aid, and self motivation coaching classes

Women empowering women is the essence of whom we are. This program gives an emotional and moral support within the community, with coaching, counselling and motivation talks to complement our self-defense classes.

Our trainings

Economic Empowerment

Investing in the economic empowerment of women and girls includes women’s ability to participate equally in existing markets, their access to and control over productive resources, access to decent work, control over their own time, lives and bodies and increased voice in meaningful economic decision making at all. Empowering women creates more resilient communities because when women are supported, health among families increases, as does the income and the amount of children that attend school.

Our economic empowerment program aims to increase the sources of income and business skills and literacy of women and girls. Supporting women in developing their businesses, managing credit, saving money and managing revolving loan is the key to their well being and growth.

SafeBoda Gender Agenda

Women Rising for Africa together with SafeBoda

SafeBoda and Women Rising for Africa are partnering in this program known as Gender Agenda, with a special customised and fitted training for women to achieve a complete set of skills and be ready for the road in Kampala, operating as SafeBoda motorcycle operators.

This is an innovative program to increase the number of female boda riders in Kampala and give the ladies an income opportunity. This initiative goes beyond female riding, breaking the bias, mobility safety and security, it is empowering the women to be safe and independent and deal with the everyday challenges as women within their community. 

The boda boda industry is majorly a male dominated field and our society has not inspired or championed female riders, merchants, agents and staff. The cultural beliefs have a strong impact on how ladies see themselves, seeing as society dictates from how ladies style of sitting on the bike (which is already an unsafe recommendation) to different activities in the boda boda industry. This has made it hard for the women to be comfortable to take on boda boda riding as a business. Doing this, we help to:

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We are driven by the vision of a world where all the women can live with dignity and equality, generating value to a better safer society. With women in positions of leadership in business and in the community, the urban settlements and rural villages of Uganda will thrive with more possibility and true gender equality as well as economic growth.

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