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Its happening, our first pilot program is on! 15 candidates, 15 women that are benefiting from this amazing intensive training, all thanks to you !  We managed to successfully get the full funding from donors, events, sponsors, family and friends, and are eternally great full for your support. But we are not stopping here, while we will share all the development of this program in Kampala and let you meet each of our very special candidates, we are also preparing our next program this time in Jinja. 


¡Está sucediendo, nuestro primero programa piloto está en marcha! 15 candidatas, 15 mujeres que se están beneficiando de esta increíble formación intensiva, ¡todo gracias a ti! Logramos obtener con éxito la financiación a traves de donantes, eventos, patrocinadores, familiares y amigos y estamos eternamente agradecidos por su apoyo. Pero no nos detenemos aquí, compartiremos todo el desarrollo de este programa en Kampala y le permitiremos conocer a cada una de nuestros candidatos muy especiales, y para continuar estamos preparando nuestro próximo programa esta vez en Jinja.

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Mujeres Rising for Africa is a non profit organisation with the focus on Women empowerment, safe mobility, safety, creating new job opportunities and a new set of skills to improve their quality of life and economic independence.